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Unpaid Wages: Teachers threaten Oyo govt, issue 72-hour final demand



The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Oyo State section, on Thursday, issued a 72-hour final proposal to the Oyo state government to clear and settle the excesses of compensations owed its individuals.

The association while mourning unpaid pay rates of grade teachers, gave the state government 72 hours notice of setting out on indefinite strike if the circumstance was not turned around.

NUT Chairman, Comrade Z.T Adedoyin and Secretary, Comrade N.M. Abdullahi, expressed this in an announcement issued after a gathering of the augmented standing board of the association, held at the Teachers’ home, Oluyole, Ibadan.

The association, while expressing gratitude toward the active senator over endorsement of overabundances of advancement unfulfilled obligations to specialists in the state, complained over integral recompenses of such progress.

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The association additionally recorded issues stressing individuals from the association as non-usage of the endorsement and go with advancement advantages to the grade teachers by the Oyo State Joint Account Allocation Committee (JAAC).

Others are: delay in an installment of compensation to elementary teachers, delay in the advancement of evaluation level 14 to 15, kept retention of 2018 leave give and deferral in the leeway of educators supposedly blamed for illicit improvement.

The association stated, “On non-usage of the endorsement and go with advancement money related advantages to the elementary teachers by the Oyo State Joint Account Allocation Committee (JAAC) while other government workers including the auxiliary teachers have begun getting a charge out of the advantages since February 2019.

“This is uncalled for, considering the way that, instructors in open elementary schools had done without numerous long stretches of unpaid debts of advancement benefits dated back to 2010 when the last advancement practice was done and affected, they are still exposed to pointless deferral in getting what is because of them and which have been delighted in by different laborers in the state.

“The association enlisted our disappointment over deferral in an installment of pay to essential to grade teachers, while every other laborer in the state have gotten April 2019 compensation.

“Grade school tea hers are continuously paid falling behind financially. A circumstance where elementary teachers are dealt with like peasants in the state is pitiable and unsatisfactory. The all-inclusive standing board of trustees in-session asked the administration to adjust up the unpaid debts of installment of grade teachers to carry them at Apr with their partners in another area in the state.

“We saw with the disappointment of the purposeful and strategic postponement in the advancement of elementary teachers who are on GL 14 to GL 15, which has been gazetted since 2015.

“This is without a doubt, discouraging and has hose the confidence of the influenced instructors. The association could never again crease it’s armed while deterioration sets in because of baseless division that the national advancement of these instructors could cause among the position and documents of our individuals.

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“Kept retention of 2018 leave allow to the elementary school’s instructors by the SUBEB regardless of the month to month fantastic installment of this gives to every other division and MDAs, TESCOM comprehensive.

“This routine with regards to installment in the grade school division has made the inspiration of the elementary teachers to be on the low ebb, a circumstance which isn’t useful for improvement of instruction in the state.

“Spoke to the state government on educators who “were wrongly claimed of unlawful advancement ought to be formally cleared through the discharged of government white paper on the report of a board of trustees set up by the workplace of the Head of Service (HoS) and the aggregated derivations from their pay rates over a time of a year ought to be discounted to them forthwith.”

The association from that point gave the state government 72 hours to address the issues, disappointment of which it will guide its individuals to remain at him as from Monday.

“The association settled amid its gathering and approached the state government to address the requests inside 72 hours, consequently “the association may have no different alternatives than to guide our individuals to remain at home as from Monday, May 20, 2019.

“The strike activity will be inconclusive until our requests are met,” it said.


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