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What Lagos, Ogun, Oyo govts will do after May 29 – Dapo Abiodun



Ogun State senator choose, Dapo Abiodun, has uncovered plans independent from anyone else and his associates in Oyo and Lagos to take the fortunes of the three states to the following dimension through the production of a joint advancement commission.

He expressed that the three states share a great deal for all intents and purpose, including that it was sufficient motivation to guarantee a happy relationship that will advance financial improvement in the regions of security, physical arranging, income age among others.

Abiodun talked with columnists at the Agodi Governor’s office, Ibadan was after paying a civility approach the state representative, Abiola Ajimobi in his office.

He noticed that the three state governments must work to guarantee that the Lagos-Sagamu-Ibadan road, which he portrayed as a significant financial passage in the nation must be given the merited consideration.

The Ogun Governor-choose guaranteed that the issues of the advancement of the three neighboring states would stand out enough to be noticed.

Abiodun said, “I am in Oyo state on a graciousness call to my senior sibling and senior associate, Senator Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo state.

“You realize that Ogun state and Oyo State share a lot of things for all intents and purpose. One, we appreciated the vicinity to Lagos and Oyo state has been the financial home office for the whole Southwest. What we plan to do going ahead is that we will have a joint advancement commission between Ogun, Lagos, and Oyo because we share continuity for all intents and purpose.

“We should guarantee that our monetary improvement is in a state of harmony whether in the territories of security, physical arranging, income or individuals that most likely lives in Ibadan and works in Ogun state and the other way around. We should guarantee that we catch them in an expense net and we will ensure that as far as a solid foundation also.

“The Lagos-Sagamu-Ibadan turnpike is a street that consolidates we all, and that is presumably the most significant street in this nation and the economy of Nigeria is interlaced on that street.

“Along these lines, those are issues that are essential to us. In this way, the Governor of Ogun, the Governor of Lagos and Governor of Oyo must plunk down together and have a working relationship with the goal that we can raise the economy of these states to the following dimension.”


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