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Why Nigerians should weep once every month – Aregbesola



Previous Osun State representative, Rauf Aregbesola, says Nigerian residents ought to watch a multi-day of sobbing each month.

The Nation reports that he said this amid the end of the week at a symposium to stamp the birthday gathering of a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos.

Talking on Nigeria’s populace and the income it creates, Aregbesola stated: “We don’t recall that we are poor here in Nigeria. On the off chance that we have a profound idea, we should have a multi-day of sobbing each month.

“If we don’t work more enthusiastically to improve our fortunes, we would keep on being miserable. In 2017, Brazil had a populace of around 200 million individuals practically about what Nigeria had.

“That year, Brazil had an income of about $600 billion and a spending limit of $700 billion. Nigeria, in that equivalent year, made $13 billion and a financial limit of $23 billion. Are the two nations equivalent?

“Today, OPEC enabled Nigeria to concentrate and sell 2million barrel of unrefined petroleum every day except we don’t get that amount. Regardless of whether we get 2million barrel every day and if the value ascends to $100 per barrel, it implies our pay will be $200 million.

“If you separate this by 200 million individuals, it adds up to $1 per each Nigerian. We need to check our populace by rehearsing conception prevention. If we don’t address this, we would have immense issues to manage. We would likewise require each healthy individual to work.”


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