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Why State police breeds dictatorship – Monarch



The Paramount Ruler of Calabar state South Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nyam Nnankor 1, Prof. Itam Hogan Itam has said that State Police breed tyranny.

“It would give the state governors more capacity to manage the general population adversely, prompting autocracy in administration in the states,” the Monarch said.

Talking with GISTOK.COM  on Friday evening, Prof Itam denounced the persistent discussion on the foundation of the state police, saying it is equivalent to giving the state governors additional capacity to flush out apparent adversaries, manage self-acclaimed rivals and any individual who does not bolster his organization.

“I was a young fellow in the sixties when there was State Police, we called it neighborhood government Police, they were very underhanded, and government functionaries utilized them to execute disasters and to murder.

“Amid political period, Governor sent them to slaughter their adversaries and restrictions; individuals’ lives were in threat. This police were under the control of the governors, and they utilized them adequately to accomplish their points,” he affirmed.

He said he bolster network police, “I reinforce network police and let it be under the control of a focal expert with DPOs, magistrates, AIG and so forth. If not, what happened at that point, will repeat itself now.

“Since we have Federal Police, do you not perceive how they complete the request of the Inspector General of Police and President who are their managers?” he inquired.

The Monarch noticed that any Nigerian with power is something different; “Nigerians of the sixties are not the same as Nigerians of today. The State Police would be legitimate hooligans of the senator, their managers; they will do anything to please them.

“The dissatisfaction is, whom would you report to? On the off chance that you know whom you would answer to for move to make, you can endure a portion of these abundances. When you look round, and you realize that there is no one to answer to, there is no chance to get for you to look for insurance, no place for you to look for a review, it prompts a ton of dissatisfaction.

“Kindly give us a chance to keep up this solidarity type of Police; later we structure network police where there will be a lot of training and supports, and the police will know the general population in the network and the network will remember them.

“With backings and training, the general population will acknowledge the police as their own and work with them; the police also will recognize the general population in the network as their own and work with them, there will be no doubt of any sort yet close working relationship. At the point when the open begin believing in the police, 3/4 of work is finished.

“Most Nigerians abhor police; a few people will get a kick out of the chance to remain without police, we need a ton of certainty building, I will incline toward network police to state police, don’t give the governors more capacity to manage the general population,” the Monarch argued.


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