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Workers union protests over unpaid salary, illegal promotions at SON headquarters



 The Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service Technical and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE), FCT gathering has shown at the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) corporate head workplaces in Abuja and Lagos.

AUPCTRE blamed SON the executives for disregarding the mandates of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Employment on volunteerism and took steps to set out on an indefinite strike if its requests are not met.

The patrons are challenging and requesting that the administration of SON, promptly turn around the illicit advancement of a portion of the staff individuals utilized in 2016 from CONRAISS 8 to CONRAISS 12, CONRAISS 7 to CONRAISS to CONRAISS 10 and CONRAISS 8 to CONRAISS 9 inside four months of their resumption at the Director General’s attentiveness.

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In an announcement by the FCT Secretary of AUPCTRE, Comrade Sikira Waheed, the association requests that SON the executives ought to from now on stop all demonstrations of terrorizing and exploitation of AUPCTRE individuals and authorities and the inversion of every single reformatory exchange affected since the executives’ assault on the association after the home office branch races.

Diagnostics is a bedrock of wellbeing the board — I Cure different requests of the association are; “prompt endorsement and usage of the SON condition of administration.” “Quick withdrawal all things considered and notices issued by SON to constrain AUPCTRE individuals to repudiate their participation of the association persuasively and to join an administration favored association.”

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Quick installment of pay arrears of staff utilized in 2016 and the 2018 advancement areas.” “Prompt profit of all officers for directorate framework on secondment in SON to their previous posts, including those that have surpassed the statutorily enabled time of secondment and plotting to unlawfully propagate their illicit remain in the association to the detriment of SON staff individuals that can fill their present positions.” “Autonomous survey of all agreements granted, including the across the country partner’s sensitisation workshop consultancy contracts granted from 2016 to date, the recuperation of SON finances where material and arraignment of everybody found to have repudiated the arrangement of the Public Procure Act or ruined the association’s assets by the important insect unite offices.”


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