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“You are a vulgar liar”: Kwara workers attack Gov Ahmed’s assistant, Akorede



“You are a vulgar liar”: Kwara workers attack Gov Ahmed’s assistant, Akorede

Abused staff individuals from Kwara State-possessed media houses have portrayed the Senior Special Assistant on Media to the state Governor, Abdulfatha Ahmed, Muyideen Akorede as an “indecent liar.”

In an announcement mutually issued in the interest of the whole laborers of Radio Kwara, Chairman of RATTAWU, Comrade Razaq Aremu, and the NUJ sanctuary director of the station, Alhaji Bashir Ademola Jimoh, the abused specialists scowled at the cases of Akorede amid a program on private radio station in Ilorin at the end of the week.

Specialists of the three media houses, Radio Kwara, Kwara Television Service, and The Herald paper had down apparatuses to dissent two months pay back payments and non-arrival of activity assets by the state government prompting epileptic administrations by the three associations.

The announcement peruses: “While The Herald paper is engaging obligations owed providers of creation materials which incorporate newsprint and lithographic materials among others, a similar circumstance applies to the two other communicate stations additionally neck somewhere down in obligations running into a large number of naira.

“As at December, a year ago all out obligations brought about by the three associations added up to more than 30 million nairas. Laborers of the radio house likewise affirmed that the AM transmitter was at that point lethargic considering its present diminishing condition coming about because of a harmed segment influencing its ability to transmit maximally.”

They uncovered that the “AM transmitter had dropped from 50 kilowatts to five kilowatts, which could prompt its total harm, while the two Midland FM old transmitters were not filling in because of flawed segments and the new transmitter got harmed because of the absence of UPS.”

“The advancement was conveyed to the consideration of the state government through the Sole Administrator on a few events however without responsive response to address the lamentable circumstance confronting the station by and large.”

The laborers tested Dr. Akorede to tell the entire world the effect of the supposed repositioning venture of the media houses by the legislature since 2016 without positive outcomes.

While soliciting the great individuals from the state, world-class and media to visit the three media houses to evaluate the nature of work done, the laborers demanded that the vital enemy of uniting offices should swim in promptly to test the indicated repositioning undertaking of the media houses which they think was covered in mystery, falsehoods, and double-dealing to deplete open assets and intentionally wreck the associations.

The specialists portrayed the “sole manager as a liar, however unfeeling, presumptuous and harsh toward the situations of the laborers and the media houses.”

“In September a year ago, laborers of the radio house arranged a tranquil dissent requesting the expulsion of the sole executive, while staff of The Herald paper began their strike a week ago to raise caution over the vile and barbaric state of their condition, with the Kwara Television staying off air for certain weeks now, regardless of affirmation by the sole manager that the three media houses will continue full tasks a week ago,” the announcement included.

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